About us

Vera Y is a multi-dimensional entertainment company founded and operated by Connor Barwin and Jason Kelce.

Our operations focus primarily on two categories of media: 1) film, television, and streaming production, and 2) music and recording.

But Vera Y is different. Our mission is to empower artists and athletes to create and distribute content through major distribution partners, while maintaining economic and creative control. We simply seek to preserve rights for artists while promoting their creativity and aligning economic success.

Vera & Wyatt

Our Story.

Connor and Jason have known each other since playing football together at the University of Cincinnati and later for the Philadelphia Eagles. Vera Y is named after their respective daughters - Vera and Wyatt - and was founded in 2022.

Within its first year of existence, Jason launched a popular sports podcast (New Heights), they recorded and distributed a highly successful Christmas album (featuring members of The War on Drugs, Sun Ra Arkestra, and members of the Philadelphia Eagles), and filmed a documentary (KELCE) distributed by Amazon.Through this process, Jason and Connor quickly realized they had an innovative approach to creating premium entertainment content. Jason and Connor realized that they could use their influence and experience to assist creatives in making, releasing, and distributing content.

To that end, Vera Y’s mission is to allow artists to retain ownership of masters and distribution by instilling a collaborative approach to financing and partnerships. Vera Y has created a business model that prioritizes the sharing of authentic stories with collaborative and transparent partnerships.